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  • The Road from Damascus
    A Journey Through Syria
    Scott C. Davis
  • Steel & Silk
    Men and Women Who Shaped Syria 1900 - 2000
    Sami Moubayed
  • The 13th Boy
    A Memoir of Education and Abuse
    Stephen Fife
  • The Arab-American Handbook
    Nawar Shora
  • The Soldier, the Builder & the Diplomat
    Custer, the Titanic, and World War One
    Steven Schlesser
  • The Plain of Dead Cities
    A Syrian Tale
    Bruce McLaren
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 The Road from Damascus | The Road from Damascus

 Steel & Silk | Steel & Silk

 The 13th Boy | The 13th Boy

 The Arab-American Handbook | The Arab-American Handbook

 The Soldier, the Builder & the Diplomat | The Soldier, the Builder & the Diplomat

 The Plain of Dead Cities | The Plain of Dead Cities