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Mamoun Sakkal

Mamoun Sakkal is an Arabic typeface designer based in Bothell, Washington who has created original fonts for clients that include Adobe and Microsoft. He also creates Arabic typefaces and fine art using calligraphic designs which he displays on his site As a calligrapher, Mamoun has won international awards for his work in the distinctive Kufic style Arabic script, an ancient form that is angular and modern in its look.

Mamoun is a native of Aleppo, Syria and took degrees in Architecture from the University of Aleppo and the University of Washington in Seattle. He is a licensed architect and has worked as an architect and interior designer. Dr. Sakkal is also an expert in Islamic history who has taught at the University of Washington. 

Mamoun has worked over the years to make Arabic designs more accessible and affordable to the public. He has created several sets of clip art using Arabic calligraphy and also creates Arabic versions of personal names for individual cients. Mamoun creates "Kufic Square" designs for individual clients which can be used as plaques in brochures, displayed as framed wall art, or fabricated in wood and mounted on an entry door.

In addition to his many other charitable and public-benefit activities, Mamoun has served as the founding Art Director of Cune Press from its inception in 1994.