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About Us
Contact Us:
Please reach us via email or fax. (Reserve phone calls for emergencies only.)
scottcdavis [at ]

Please reassemble the below phone number:
area code: 206
number, first 3 digits: 930
number, last 4 digits: 1659

Please reassemble the below fax number:
area code: 206
number, first three digits: 774
number, last four digits: 0592

Unsolicited Manuscripts
Do not contact us by phone, only by email or US mail.

You must reference a similar Cune Press book to show that you are submitting in an area of our interest. Our titles are available as eBooks. Ideally, you will have purchased and read one or more of our books.

We are especially interested in narrative nonfiction, distinctive reportage, and fiction that has social impact.
Due to the volume of submissions, we regret that we will not be able to respond to inquiries unless we are interested in developing the project.
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