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Bitter Is the Wind
A Story about Mobility
Posted by McDermott, Jim
Tuesday , October 27, 2015
Bitter is the Wind is the story of a young man from a working class background who loses his mother and sister. With the steadying encouragement of his father, he strives to overcome missteps and obstacles to make a success of himself.

In a political season where the terms “inequality” and “lack of mobility” are tossed back and forth by candidates and talking heads, Jim McDermott leads us behind the headlines, the statistics, and the academic studies to reveal a hidden world of fear, desire, and sometimes haunting memory—life as it is felt and lived by the millions of Americans beyond the media lights and outside the trust fund comfort of our talkative elites and their precocious offspring. This is the life of a forgotten working class who live in communities all over the country that have been hollowed out by the creative destruction of our shiny capitalism. 

These are men and women who seek dignity, respect—a slight bit of financial security—and hope that their children will attain something better. Jim McDermott has given us the story of one such family.

- Scott C. Davis is the author of The World of Patience Gromes: Making and Unmaking a Black Community. He is also the founder
   of Cune Press.

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