The Plain of Dead Cities: A Syrian Tale
The 13th Boy: A Memoir of Education and Abuse
Stage Warriors: Women on the Front Lines of Dangerous Drama
The Girl Ran Away: A Story from Africa
Curse of the Achille Lauro: A Tribute to Lost Souls
Gülen's Dialogue on Education: A Caravanserai of Ideas
Syria – A Decade of Lost Chances
Steel & Silk
A Pen of Damascus Steel
The Road from Damascus
Dam Foolishness
The Design Code ®
Learning First in Black & White
Tossing Around Ideas
Putting It All Together
The Soldier, the Builder & the Diplomat
The Arab-American Handbook
An Ear to the Ground
Syria - Ballots or Bullets
The World of Patience Gromes
Best Revenge
The Ottoman Mosaic
Africa, Africa
Lost Arrow
Searching Jenin
Number Phonics - The System
Number Phonics - The Story
Number Phonics - The Students
Kisses from a Distance
Kinesis Construction

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